better selfish neigbours than generous neighbours

Your neighbour can mess up your life. When going flat or house hunting, many people forget to take a closer look at the neighbours until it is too late. Bad or uncivil neighbours will share with you everything that you find offensive. Some may have a little civility to apologise for the shit and smell they sent into your living room or your bedroom, but that is as far as it goes. Look at the haze that our neighbour is sharing with us. Does it matter to them how we are suffering and bearing it? During the earlier days of more arrogant leaders, they even showed you a dirty look if you dare complained. Today, at least they apologised and promised to do something about it, that is if you foot the bill. No matter what, living in a rich neighbourhood with civilised neighbours is anytime better than living with poor and generous neighbours. The haze would not be allowed to happen in Europe. They have reached a level of civility and civic consciousness that they will not do such things to themselves or to their neighbours. It is just not the right thing to do. We have a very long way to catch up with the civilised west, at least in ensuring that our environment is healthy for our own good.

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