be successful at my mercy

Badawi has again said that the Malaysian Chinese and non bumis are doing well in Malaysia because they were given the opportunities to do well. His exact words, 'They were successful because we give them opportunities to be successful.' This sounded like Khairy speaking. Or in fact many of the bumi politicians are also saying the same thing. What does this mean? Simple. The non bumis are there at the grace of the bumis. No matter how long they have lived in Malaysia or been citizens, they are guests and nothing more. And the privileges to be successful can be removed. Now compare this to the concept of citizenship in other countries eg the Afro Asians in the US? If they do well, must they always be grateful that the govt, or the natives have given them the opportunities? In Malaysia there is the divide between the bumis and non bumis regardless of the status of citizenship. Would the minorities in Singapore have to be grateful to the majority for giving them the opportunities to be successful? They are successful not because they worked for it. It was given! I would like to imagine a Malaysia without the non bumis. It will become corruption free for sure as there will be no successful non bumis to line the pockets of the bumis. And all the companies will be run by the bumis, no need for the 30% quota. This can be applied across the country and industries and society. And by god, they will have to work damn hard to earn their keeps without the non bumis to do it for them. Looking at all the bumi companies that are failing one by one, I would not think that it is going to be a good thing. All the politicians will either be bankrupt or the people ie the bumis, will be bankrupt as there will be no profitable companies to distribute the wealth. And when oil stop flowing from Petronas oil fields, what will Malaysia become?

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