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2011 election slogan

Get out of my elite uncaring face This should be an interesting general election slogan for 2011. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, by 2011 all these hoohaa will be forgotten and again the PAP will do the magic thingy like waving a few hunred dollars infront of the Singaporeans and they will again get a resounding victory of 82-2 or better.

I am taking bets, any takers?

Anonymous said...

"elite uncaring face" will be trademark by PAP when election come and then no one can use that phase. Infringement means paying fine.

Ppl can only allow to use
"unelite caring face" instead. This is not trademark but will be agressively promoted in campaign.

"Vote for my unelite caring (fuck) face" will be new slogan for PAP.

redbean said...

whichever uses this slogan will be sure to win many votes especially the workers party.

abao said...

Yep. Then the PAP will have to damage control.

Elfred said...

Horrendous elites... the shame of Singapore, the disease of Singapore, and there seems only to be one cure.
Many Singaporeans could be well waiting for that cure...

YCK said...

Would be useful only if memory of it is kept alive. Are you game?

redbean said...

hi yck,

welcome to the blog.

we are just moaners and whiners here. but the political parties will have their own researchers and this kind of info will definitely be filed and to be used when they need them.