speaking political truth

Going by the responses from the Malaysian non bumi political parties and people, there is absolutely no discrimination in Malaysia. And they are all very happy with the course of development and the progress of the various communities. What is the truth? It is so apparent that people are saying what they don't believe in while the truth is rubbished as dangerous. Having said that, it is up to the Malaysians to fight their own battle. We are outsiders and our comments are not appreciated. Not by the bumis and also not by the non bumis. Thank you LKY for your concern. Some will quietly appreciate what was said behind closed doors. On the other hand some will have no choice but to speak up against it. That is politics of survival. In politics you are not expected to speak the truth but what is politically correct.


Anonymous said...

"We are outsiders and our comments are not appreciated."

I am glad you saw the light of day. It is to neither country's advantage to meddle in one another's affairs. Both countries are very different in many ways now, though we both started out at the same point. We each have to learn to live with one another because neither are going away anytime soon.

redbean said...

mahathir sees himself as the champion of malays. maybe lky is seeing himself as the champion of overseas chinese in the region.

there will be people who appreciate what he said and people who will be irritated. it is a calculated political statement.

Kah Nee Nah said...

Lee can think himself the champion of whatever he wants. That is not a licence to meddle in the affairs of other countries. As one of the founding members of ASEAN, he of all people, should know that.

redbean said...

politicians are politicians. and comments like this will have people talking about it. some for and some against.