say something, wei ling

I would really like to invite Wei Ling to this forum, to speak up and be the diva. No matter how much we kpkb, no matter how often people write to the papers or where else, nobody is going to listen. This morning Lim Boon Hee pointed out the issue of why only season passes for SBS buses and not the others. The half past six conception of this piecemeal solution is obvious to anyone. No need super talent brain to look at its implementation with horrors. Without a Wei Ling, everyone is listening, or pretending to be listening. But nothing enters or registers. Where are all the politicians who claimed that they care for the people? You need a Wei Ling to say it and all will chorus with amazing predictability. And they will suddenly rise to the occasion as if they just thought about it. Before that, no one could see that the sound solution is there staring in their faces. Please say something Wei Ling.

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