a rich first world country

'As a First World country where millions of dollars are being poured into making us a cultured and vibrant society, could a few million dollars be spared to build nursing homes for disabled patients whose parents are getting too old to look after them any longer.' Dr Lee Wei Ling I think she is asking for too much. There is no such things as a free lunch. Neither is the govt responsible to look after the people's welfare. Everyone must be responsible for their own health and problems. So what if the govt has more than $200 billions in the reserves? These are for the future. (Not sure for what or when they will be used). For the time being, if people need help, go and organise a few charity shows and ask the public for donations. This is reality. We are not a welfare state. The state's money is not your money. And your money is also not your money.


marlin212 said...

You should show a little more compassion towards your less unfortunate citizens. Having tons of money in your reserves and not using it doesn't mean anything, it is just figures only. Temasik made a whopping 12.6b profit last year, so taking 1% out to do charity won't do any damage but a lot political mileage to gain.

Reality it is but not many govt can show they have the compassionate attitude but why not start with the S'pore govt. I'm sure this is only loose change to them.

Anonymous said...

The profit goes to ministerial salary increment as well as goodies for FTs such as free scholarships.

redbean said...

There was a followup article on Wei Ling's comment by reporters Radha Basu and Chang Ai Lien. Two reporters acting as chorus to a lead singer. Now I got you. Obviously they fully agreed with what she said. Actually I also agree but pretending only. I have been singing the same song for so long and the only thing I got in return was brickbat and being told off by all my friends, that the govt is not responsible for the less fortunate people. Now you know why I had to take an opposing position. Safer, no one will scold me for being politically correct.

But the chorus and backup singers are gathering strength. 'Legislators, parents and disability experts welcomed the call, saying the need will become more urgent, especially with better health care, prolonging the lifespan of the disabled.' And Halimah Yacaob called it an absolute necessity. This is the strongest endorsement that such a cause can ever get.

Before Wei Ling said this, it was a non issue. Not important. Now we have a diva or suprano singing the song and it is now a hit. Good for Wei Ling and good for the less fortunate. We should be able to see some followup and changes in policies.

I hope.