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return of coup season in thailand

October is around the corner, and coup season has returned to Thailand. So far so good as it is a bloodless coup. Whether Thaksin is be able to regroup a force to counter this coup and cause bloodshed we will have to wait and see. Thaksin has been controversial and is taking the blame for the uprising in the south. But the muslim resurgence there is not his doing. It will happen no matter who becomes the Prime Minister and the violence will continue to accelerate given the revival of Islam and the secessionist intent of the southern muslim rebels. On the other hand the latest bombings may not be the job of the muslims. Who knows who is the real mastermind behind it. The recent coup has two implications. Internally it seems that the king is involved. Traditionally the king is above politics. But this time if he gets his hands into politics, it might lead to a dramatic change in the political development of Thailand that will affect the role and fate of the palace. For Singapore, looks like we have betted on the wrong horse and a swarm of problems are coming our way if Thaksin is ousted.


Anonymous said...

I say, what will happen to Temasek's investment in Shin Corp. Another investment down the drain in the same mould as Suzhou Industrial Park, Chartered Semiconductor, Micropolis etc.

redbean said...

gone with the wind or blowing in the wind, or as elton john said, candle in the wind.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, beauracrats don't make good business people. Case proven beyond all reasonable doubt.

redbean said...

i think that was a good opportunistic move. unfortunately events that are beyond our control occurred and we can blame it on a stroke of bad luck.

i will take it boldly if i risk my own money in such a venture.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. When shit hits the fan, always blame events beyond their control or the ever convenient 'honest mistake'. However, when things are going right, they will have no qualms taking all the credit for it.