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a possible scenario

A scenario to ponder. We are living in blissful peace. We gripe about some issues that are close to our hearts. We are unhappy, sometimes over very small things. We begrudge other people earning more money than us, and some even take actions to make sure other people do not earn more money than them. And the grumbling goes on and on. But seriously, the quietness in the internet really tells a story. There is no big issues that will work up the masses. There is a lull before the storm. The north wind in blowing. Let me paint a possible development in the north. Mahathir wins a nomination to the UMNO Conference and blasts at Badawi and his son in law. Half of his old comrades switch side and Badawi's govt is crippled. And so is the dream of Khairy of ever becoming the youngest Prime Minister of Malaysia. This young upstart is rattling a lot of nerves among those in the queue for premiership and the possibility of they ganging up to remove him is always there. In desperation Khairy could stir up a racial storm. The blame is placed squarely on the shoulders of the non bumiputras, with a little exaggeration. A few stone hurling and car burning incidents could turn into racial tension. Riots break out here and there. The country runs to a halt. People flee. We have refugees amassing at the second link and the causeway. Non bumi Malaysians flooded into the city states with all their cash and gold. All the industries come to a standstill. Funds pack up and go home. The Malaysian stock market collapses. All the billions in paper money go up in smoke. The Malaysian govt goes bankrupt. And more violence follows. Singaporeans wakes up to see a nation in arms, trying to keep the problems outside our shores. And this can happen. Just a little exaggeration.


Anonymous said...

Might be a good thing for Malaysia if that were to happen. Malaysia will become an all-bumi country once again. I doubt you're going to find many bumis who will shed any tears if that were to happen.

redbean said...

it will be a good thing for malaysia and singapore. they can get rid of all their bumis and singapore will embrace them happily.

but they will curse singapore for taking them in even after they discard them. and will blame singapore for taking away their talents.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, bumis will say Good Riddance to foreign trash :). Many bumis still regard the non-bumis as foreigners who were imported by the British. The British should have brought all of them back with them when they left in 1957.

redbean said...

i agree with you. if the brits brought the non bumis back to england, it would be good for malaysia, for england and for the non bumis. england would have benefitted and so would the non bumis. and certainly malaysia too would have benefitted.