please don't let my daughter cry!

'My daughter was crying for the last few nights after she got her 'O' level results. No she did not fail. She scored straight As in 9 subjects. And no she was not crying for joy. The truth was that she could not get into a university while her classmate who was at the bottom of her class and barely passed her 'O' level was given a scholarship to the top university. And she saw her walking proudly to the stage to receive her award from the Govt.' From a father. I would strongly recommend to Najib that he should sue LKY for not telling the truth and fight it out in a law of court. Go to a neutral court like in London. Then the world will have the opportunity to call a liar a liar.


Kah Nee Nah said...

It is no business of Lee or Singaporeans how we run our country. Even if Najib is a liar, he is our liar.

redbean said...

hi kah nee nah,

are you the same kan ni na?

if you are another guy, may i welcome you to the blog.

politicians will talk political talk. and i agree with you. if the non bumis are happy with their state of affair, we should wish them well.