of prata and coo coo bags

I read somewhere in an article yesterday about this sweaty lady lugging a prata bag in the MRT. The commentator was not amused. A prata in the MRT was just not the right thing. A prata belongs to the better breed and better heeled variety of the female specimen. In his/her view, it is unspeakable for anyone to carry a prata and swinging in a train. So unrefined and compromising on the status of the bag. A prata must be associated with all the other good things in life, chauffered and other fineries to match. How about a Ma Sha Chi( the Hongkie pronounciation) belt to go with it. Pretenders who think it is cool to carry prata or coocoo bags, or eler vee bag should really reconsider whether they fit into the image of the upper class of fine ladies. In that level up there, all the person's worth and wealth are hanged outside for everyone to see. There is nothing pretentious when a piece of reptile skin, nicely folded to carry under the armpit would fetch $28k, and there is a long waiting list for it. Then there is another type who would wear a black rubber band watch and in cotton shirts, probably made in Thailand or some third world manufacturers, but still patronised theatres and concerts. To this group, they don't hang anything of value on them. Whatever are their worths, it is all kept hidden, either inside their heads or in between their legs. There are actually two different worlds up there, detached and unknown to the MRT prata and coo coo bag carriers.

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