new era in singapore malaysia relationship

Singapore and Malaysia welcome opening up of two-way air routes By Channel NewsAsia's Malaysia Correspondent Melissa Goh Posted: 04 September 2006 1937 hrs Singapore and Malaysia welcome opening up of two-way air routes Malaysia and Singapore have both welcomed the imminent opening up of two-way air routes, seeing mutual benefits in such a development. The warming up of relationship between Singapore and Malaysia, and more economic cooperation and joint business ventures are the signs of change towards a new era of working closer together. And this is only possible when politics is removed from the equation of business and economic cooperation. Under Mahathir, this is not possible. And all his ministers, no matter how rational and pragmatic, would have to behave like chameleon, depending on the mood of Mahathir. Often they appeared clownish and outright stupid, making silly statements or reversing what they had said or agreed earlier. They have lost a lot of credibility as leaders of a nation by behaving or misbehaving in the public and in international arena through their unpredictable and unreasonable behaviour. And no thanks to Mahathir. Today, when logic and pragmatism and economic interests are key to their policies and actions, they have become their true self, behaving and acting as normal, predictable and rational leaders who talked sense. They must all thank their current Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi for allowing them to regain their self respect. Poor Syed Hamid and Rafidah were often made to take U turns and undermined their own credibility as if they did not know what they were doing. Now they appeared very sensible and saying sensible things that ordinary people could understand and not be shocked to their absurbed turnarounds. A good leader will allow his team of ministers to stand out as good leaders themselves.

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