new citizen policy a wake up call

Inviting more new immigrants and foreign talents is just a wake up call for the sloppy and less competitive Singaporeans. The young Singaporeans have lost the fighting spirit of their immigrant parents. They have been living a cosy life, brought up in an era of plenty, expecting everything to be delivered to them in a silver platter. The drive of the pioneering generation is needed to resusitate an aging and ailing Singapore to life, to reinvent Singapore into a vibrant nation. The new migrants, hungry and willing, will be the new blood in the driver seat. Local born Singaporeans either shape up or ship out. The govt is not there to doddle and appease them with goodies every year. They cannot depend on the charity of the govt. We are not a welfare state. Fight for the right to be in this oasis of wealth and abundance, and the right to call it home. Citizens or not, there is no privileges except talent. Be a worthy member and you will find this island very rewarding, an island of opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, redbean. This blog entry is one of the more sensible ones that you've written in a while. :-)

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

in a blog, it is not always good to be sensible. it is more fun to be controversial. neither is there a need to be always on one side: )