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'Who says we are intolerant of opposing views?' I have posted what Lee Wei Ling said about helping the poor since we are such a rich country. And I quote her here again. 'As a First World country where millions of dollars are being poured into making us a cultured and vibrant society, could a few million dollars be spared to build nursing homes for disabled patients whose parents are getting too old to look after them any longer.' Dr Lee Wei Ling I think she is asking for too much. There is no such things as a free lunch. Neither is the govt responsible to look after the people's welfare. Everyone must be responsible for their own health and problems. Wei Ling's view is definitely not the same as the govt. Boon Wan is having great plans to build retirement villages. These will not be for free. But disagreeing with the govt's position is acceptable. It is not always a case of right or wrong when people disagree. Someone insists that durian is the best fruit in the world. Some will strongly disgree and think it is the most smelly fruit. Then again, for the safety of the IMF-World Bank delegates, we wanted to ban 27 activists. But the IMF-World Bank disagreed and protested that the 27 should be let in. And we listen and accepted their opposing voice. We allowed 22 to come in. We are willing to listen to people who disagree with us and if they are reasonable, change our position. Who is complaining that we are intolerant of opposing voices?


Anonymous said...

Who is complaining that we are intolerant of opposing voices?

Hmm, what strange logic ...
are you comparing say a sole proprietor lawyer opposing voice with that of the World Bank's?

Stephen Yeo said...

oh really? my posts suggest otherwise:

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

what you need is a strong voice. better than all the mumblings we do here.

redbean said...

hi stephen,

welcome to the blog. hey i visited your site. so many articles. which one are you referring to?