myth 62

'Money can solve all problems' This is actually another way of looking at the same issue mentioned in Myth 62. We are so rich. Temasek just announced another whopping profit of $12.8 billion! Wow, there is money everywhere. What to do with so much money? We are indeed a very fortunate nation driven by very able leaders that put us in such a privilege position. Yes there are gripes and complaints everyday as if we have severe problems that will bring the country down. Actually there are no earth shakening issues that could do us in in the near term. We have grouses just like any other countries. But ours is of a nature arising out of having too much money. And often we think money can solve all problems. And it is very easy to throw money at problems. Not much thinking needed. And that is why, despite pledging something like $10 billion during the last election (hope my memory is correct) and $500 million alone to ComCare, we are still hearing very sad stories on TV. We are still seeing people, our own citizens, living in abject poverty, living a life in misery and had to embarrass themselves in front of the whole nation, pleading for mercy, for a few dollars. This kind of problems are actually very simple problem and can be easily solved, and yes, by throwing money at them. The unbelievable thing is that so much money have been thrown at them and nothing solved. And we need to rely on charity shows, year after year, to raise a few millions for these peopel. It is really a shame.

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