myth 60

'The Little Red Dot is not viable' We have lived with this myth for 41 years. We started off with a population of less than 2 million. We were heading towards a dead end, political suicide for leaving our Malaysian hinterland without resources and a treasury that is virtually empty. All these are history. Today the same threat has been raised, that Singapore will not survive if we do not increase the population to 6-8 million. This time it is not outsiders that said we cannot survive. This time we said it ourselves. And to survive, we need the influx of more foreigners. The originals are no longer good enough and is a dying breed. It is like cattles with too much inbreeding. We need a dosage of new DNAs to boost out the impoverished stock. And so far everyone believe so. At least the whole govt machinery believe so. And the whole main stream media also believe so. No one has uttered a little disagreement to this embracing truth. We die if we do grow our population. The little voices in cyberspace, from the not too well educated, the unprofessional and not too objectives, the kopit tiam kakis, seem to think otherwise. So we have a competition of ideas from the thoughtful against the unthinking gossipers. Obviously the unthinking cannot be believed. The thinkers and policymakers must be right. There is another group of thinkers in the academia. Why are they saying notthing? Do they agree or disagree? Silence is golden, silence is consent. Silence can also mean protest. Or they have spoken but not heard. This is a major issue that will change the nature of the nation and its future. The academics cannot be clueless or without any views. Still waiting to hear some hot debates among the high brow thinkers on this issue. Or the viability of this nation without the doubling of its population is a truth and not a myth?


jonathan said...

I love reading your sneakily and cheekily subtle "Myth" posts :D Too bad half the readers here are so straight-laced, unimaginative and square that they are completely blind to the wonderful subtlety and sarcasm that you use to bring across your point safely.

Just to let you know that your efforts aren't in vain because fortunately, there are still people like me who get it. :D

redbean said...

hi jonathan,

welcome to the blog of myths! i think you are reading too much into them. but of course different minds may interpret them differently.

i am not very good at humours, which are officially sanctioned, so i try a different angle to make things a bit interesting to read : )