myth 59

'Life is fair' Many of you would have read in the papers yesterday about this guy who has more than 70 wives. He is a leader of a religious cult in the US. And he assumes the supreme position of the top leader after inheriting the cult group from his father. In his position he takes all the women he fancy. He decides who should have more wives, who should not have wives, and banishes the guys to reduce competition for women within the group. And I believe all of you have a lot of questions about the privileges of this guy and why the rest of his flock obey him and willingly be subservient to him. One of his strength is a group of body guards to protect him and his excesses. Does this guy know that he is having too much, of women and other goodies that his other cult members do not have? Oh, he is quite smart in making sure that his close circles of leaders also enjoy the same privileges, but lesser than him. Everyone in his circle will obviously be as happy and dedicated to preserve the system and status quo. Not only that he, and they, do not think anything wrong with their abundance. They do not seem interested to change the system or make it more equitable to the rest of the group. Why should they when they are enjoying all the perks and largesses? To them, it is a natural order of things. The more able of the group deserves better things and more women. And very likely if anyone would come out with some stupid idea of distributing the women more evenly among the men he will be shot down. It is the selfish nature of men that it is ok for themselves to have more than others. It is like our widening income gap issue. It is not really a problem. It is only a problem to those who are at the wrong end of the equation. If one is enjoying the good time, at best maybe offer some condolence to the less fortunate. But the system must be preserved, as it is good for their own wellbeing. Fortunately there is a bigger god to arrest the cult leader.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for God to act...He seem to be taking a little longer on this one.

redbean said...

oh, god has acted. the guy was arrested by the fbi.