military democracy

Today I have just discovered that military coup is a democratic process. The military junta that took over Thailand by force is trying to wrap themselves with the cape of democracy. They are looking for champions of democracy to lead the new govt in Thailand under presumably a democratic govt, without election and taking orders from the military men. I have heard of democratic dictatorship or dictator democracy. But military democracy is the latest phenomenon in the world of politics. And at the same time a kangaroo court has been set up to investigate all the wrongdoings of the Thaksin govt. The Thai inquisition has begun. Can anyone believe that they will find Thaksin free of wrongdoings when he is already found guilty and ousted from his premiership of the country?


Anonymous said...

Haha, I for one am absolutel delighted by what's happened in Thailand primarily because Singapore's grand plan to dominate ASEAN via a Singapore-Bangkok axis within the grouping is now in tatters. Not to mention also the prospect of Temasek losing their billion$ investment in Shin Corp.

redbean said...

i would not be so sure without knowing the details of the deal.

the coup against a popular leader and democratically elected by the people may be a watershed in thai history. it could lead to a disquiet and the ultimate demise of the royal house.

how many politicians are not corrupt? thaksin may have benefitted from his position but he ploughed back his gains to the thai people who appreciated what he had done.

the rest, including royalties, only give help as a gesture. nothing of real benefits to the poor farmers. when the thai farmers get disillusion with the royal family after a taste of what a generous pm can do for them, the tide can change.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what implications it has for the Thai people. I'm happy for as long as Singapore is hurt in some way.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

i know there are something that makes you dislike singapore. but singapore is just a name of a piece of land.

or do you dislike the singaporeans as well? mind you, the majority of the singaporeans just live day by day like the malaysians. both are not in anyway involved with the interstate rivalry of the politicians.