the 'mao dun' of new citizenship

I still can't get over this 'mao dun,' or the controversy between the best spear against the best shield. We are telling the foreigners that becoming a Singapore citizen is good. On the other hand the citizens are screaming foul for being citizens. The citizens are saying that as a citizen they are getting a raw deal compares to a PR. So when a PR becomes a citizen, he is going to have a raw deal compares to his previous status. So why on earth would a PR want to trade places to become a citizen? Obviously when a PR becomes a citizen, he must be better off. Actually I just saw the light at the end of the tunnel. This welcoming new citizen thing is just a gimmick to frighten Singaporeans to buck up. For the govt know in their hearts that PRs are too smart to trade in their privilege position to become citizens and get a raw deal.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason most born-and-bred Singaporeans think they're getting a raw deal is becuase they're basically stuck here and have to put up with all the nonsense from the pappies. For some naturalised citizens, that may not be the case. Some may be able to reclaim their original citizenship status. For those who are truly talented or with fat bank accounts, their citizenship status is irrelevant as they will be welcomed anywhere they go. SO it is not true to say that a PR-turned-Singaporean will get a raw (or as raw a)deal as the born-into-this-world-as-a-SIngaporean citizen.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

taking your reasoning further, the real talents will never waste their time here or take up our citizenship. they are not in our equation.

those who took up citizenship are the half way talent, good enough here but not good enough elsewhere or who are here when the weather is fine. but they will go when they can find a better option than here.

counting out the exceptional talent, a pr turning citizen will have all the restrictions and responsibilities for NS. this is a heavy price they have to pay but for no greater benefit than maybe the right to vote.

oh, just discovered that the red passport will facilitate those who want a green card from the US. our red passport is viewed quite favourably for this.

Anonymous said...

First generation PRs who become citizens don't have NS liabilities. Hence, they already got a better deal than us born Singaporeans.

abao said...


We always think there are greener pastures on the other side, no?

Those who can quit. Those who can't stay. said...

Abao, you'll never know until and unless you've actually gone to the other side. This quitter has and I say it is definitely greener.

redbean said...

hi guys,
and hi quit n stay,

welcome to the blog.

fully agree with you that those who can and wanted to quit will quit. those who can, no choice but to stay.

whether the other side is greener, depends on what one is looking for. in life, there is always two sides to a coin. you gain some you lose some. important thing is that one decides what is best for himself and do what he can and not be dictated by others or circumstances. do it your way.