looking for chorus boys

I am still waiting for those people who proclaimed loudly that they are the champions of the poorer people to come forward and say something regarding a season pass that can benefit the people as well as the transport companies. It is better that they stand up and speak about it now than to wait for Wei Ling to say it and then come forward to sing in chorus, yes, yes, good idea! Wei Ling is only a medical doctor, not someone whose main preoccupation is to look after the general welfare of the people. We have heard a lot of big talks during the general elections. Lets see if people will now act on what they said and uplift the less fortunate of the society to a more bearable existence. And no, they don't have to provide giveaways and ask people to come forward to beg for them. All they need now is to take a serious look at the season pass concept and make it best for the people. And no need to crack their heads too. It is nothing new. All the merits and misgivings have been trashed out by other great minds long ago. Just borrow the idea and make it work, really work for the people. Now am I asking for too much?

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