leading by the new water way

When the New Water formula became a reality, it was still a problem convincing the people to take a sip at their own excretion. Then one by one the Ministers, including Prime Minister, demonstrated that it was ok to drink what was not drinkable before. It was a change of perception. But more. It was leading by example. Since then drinking New Water was never an issue. Today we are hearing many dramatic changes in our policies. There were calls to leave the nest and find greener pastures overseas. Calls to invite foreigners to the homes. Calls to take a pay cut and expect lower salaries in the face of competition from foreigners in our backyard. And there were the retirement age of 62. Grumblings were aplenty on the ground. Somehow all these calls seemed less real, less legitimate. The people who are going to bear the brunt of these calls are unconvinced. Maybe we should see and other exercise like the New Water Campaign. Lead by examples and show the way.

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