the great psychotherapeutic shows

Do not have pity on a beggar. Better thank him for giving you the chance to throw him a few coins. The beggar is there for you to show kindness and compassion as a warm human being. He is there for you to gain merits for your future life, that is, if you believe that life does not end and will go on and on. Do not be mistaken. You are not helping him but yourself. We have plenty of charity shows over the years. And we have many tough and hard luck stories being beamed into our living rooms. We were touched and we emptied our pockets. And the beneficiaries were so grateful that we did. Looking at it another way, we are the ones to be grateful. Where in the world will there be a chance to see so many poor souls, real people, baring their grief and pains for us to be entertained? Singaporeans, especially the younger ones, are born in a generation of plenty. Many have never experienced the pains of want and not having the wants satisfied. Some may watch in disbelief that there are poverty and sufferings in our midst. Singaporeans should be thankful that these charity shows could draw out the little emotions and humanity in them. To make them feel and empathise with other unfortunate fellow beings. Some may even be so moved to shed a few tears. Some even burst out crying. And they felt so good after that. And for those who have been whining and feeling depressed over their plight or humble life, the beneficiaries of the shows will make them feel better, that their situations are not that bleak. They should be thankful to be able to just walk, see and take a bus without assistance. What should have happened is that all viewers who are being entertained should pay a minimum sum of $5. For those who feel better or less depressed, they should phone in to pay $20. Those who shed some tears could pay $30. And those who are more fortunate to experience rapture and break out crying should pay $100. Going to a shrink will definitely cost more. As for the performers, the actors, dancers and singers, each should pay at least $500 to $1k for the opportunity to do charity and be seen as celebrities with a heart. And the two MCs must pay even more for their greater exposure in hosting the shows. The person who benefits the most and who should donate the most is the patron of the show. He gets all the credits, merits and honour for all the performance and money raised in his name. In future shows, the patron should at least foot out $50k for such glory. If there are too many volunteers, then they can bid for the privilege to patronize the shows. Finally, everyone should say a big thank you to the beneficiaries who braved all reservations to pour out their deprivations and pathetic lives for all to see. And all future shows shall be marketed as Psychotherapy Shows. They have great therapeutic effects on the viewers. A great stress reliever. Oh, before I forget, those who are unhappy with such shows may call up the Association for the prevention of cruelties against humankind to protest.


abao said...

I'm glad I don't watch these shows, for they showcased Singapore's best and worst sides.

redbean said...

you should. it is great entertainment. and if you have friends who are depressed, encourage them to watch. it is like listening to the song 'streets of london.'

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