a great president charity show

It was a great show featuring our local talents, or that was the part that I saw. I missed the first half of the show. The poly students were great, and so were the girls from MGS. And so was Stephanie. We have a lot more talents to market if we keep at nurturing them and providing them with more opportunies to excel. No need foreign talents really. As for the charity aspect, the effect of exhaustion was obvious. The callers chalked up a miserable $340,000. The balance that made up the $4 million were from corporate donations. The glamour and novelty of painful faces were not pulling the heartstrings as they used to. Maybe over exposure had toughened the senses of the audience. If that be the case then we are going to see poorer response in future charity shows. Hopefully cynicism will not replace the genuine human warmth when staring at people in grief.

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