good times are back again

I just got this feeling that there is going to be a big round of pay rise across the board. Then follows by everything up and back to square one for many. And in the case of the bottom feeders, it will be sinking even deeper. How so? Let's see, everyone gets a 10% increase and everything also 10% increase. Ok the lower earners may get 10% plus $50. So that could be more than 10%. Sounds good. But all the bread and butter stuff are going to go up by more than 10%, maybe 30% or more. It does not make sense to raise the price of a 70c item by 10%, needs to round it up. A cup of kopi cannot be 77c, so make it 80c or $1, neater that way. Is this forthcoming pay rise a good thing? If I am earning a million, sure must be good, it means another $100k increase. Can do a lot of wonders with that kind of money.

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