the british nightmare

Britain is paying a heavy price for its arrogance, the colonial master that knew it all. And today it is crying. It is living with a nightmare it created for itself. They must have regretted not taking the advice of Enoch Powell. The raids at all the muslim hideouts to flush out terrorists over the last few days are only skimming the surface. The problem has very deep roots and well spread across the British Isles. How could they ever uproot the terrorists living among them and who were locally born, bred and trained? For their generosity or guilt, they embraced all their colonial subjects regardless of race or religion. These same people who came to Britain for a better life are turning against their benefactor. How ironic. Or is it retribution for the excesses of their forefathers who ravaged the colonies and turned free people into British subjects, subjected to British rule? We are also embarking on a major policy change to welcome the world into our little space. Will we live to regret it one day like the British? Bringing a stranger into your home is a big risk. It could turn out to be a devil in disguise.

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