$4.40 daily for public transport!!!

At $98 a season pass, and given an average of 22 working days a month, a commuter can only find the season pass worthwhile if it costs him more than $4.40 a day to take public transport. Isn't it ridiculous for a worker to pay $4.40 daily for public transport when this is an essential service that he cannot do without? Why is it so costly to travel by public transport? How many workers have to pay $4.40 a day to get to work? How many workers will make some savings with a $98 season pass? What should be a reasonable affordable fare for a worker who has to take public transport? Now I am talking about affordability from the worker's point of view. Not from someone whose income is $1 million or $100K. A season pass is to lower the cost of frequent travellers, lowering the cost of living. And no need handouts and asking people to beg for them. And for a season pass to be meaningful, it should work on the basis that a worker should pay only $2 for his transport to work.

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