the world can easily be turned topsy turvy

The world, especially in the air travel business, can be held at ransom, crippled, just by a phone call. Look at the panic stricken cities of the west. There is no need for WMD, no need for human bombs, no need for any complicated and expensive technology to disrupt the daily activities of any country. All that the terrorists needs to do now is to make a call to any airline or airports claiming that there is a threat or a bomb hidden somewhere and waiting to be exploded. Everything will come to a halt. All the security personnel will run around like bull arse flies trying to establish if the threat is true. And no want would risk taking any threat as a hoax. Fear and threats of sabotage will now be the most effective weapons of the terrorists. At their own time, and place of their own choosing, they could turn the world upside down. All life and economic activities will be disrupted at the mercy of the terrorists.

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