welcoming foreign talents policy seems so right now

30 years ago we had the stop at 2 campaign. everyone was trumpeting how necessary it was to stop at 2. today we are paying the price for that decision. but mind you, it was the right thing to do then for they could not find enough jobs for a rapidly growing population then. today we are trumpeting this foreign talent campaign as if it is the only right thing to do despite our people crying for more decent paying jobs. will this be another big regret 30 years down the road? the british must be kicking their arses for freely allowing their colonial subjects to migrate to uk. otherwise they will not have, or will have lesser terrorist problems. such decisions are never a clear cut right or wrong solution. every solution will have its consequences. anyone dare to vouch that this is the correct thing to do? that is why i always call for moderation. the restructuring of the financial industry in the 90s had caused the loss of many high paying jobs when many in the industry were retrenched. is the financial industry really better off today? the banks appear to be doing well. but the stock market industry is like a big shining red apple on the outside, but rotten to the core and waiting to implode.

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