we will have our warren buffetts. just wait.

The Today paper has an article talking about the lack of Warren Buffett charitable spirit in Singapore. It was reported that many still have not made enough and so are still busy making more monies. And when they are ready, they will become our own Warren Buffetts. We have to be realistic and compassionate when we compare these 'poor' people to Warren Buffett. That guy got something like a hundred billion US$ and adding on to it daily. It is unfair to expect our nouve riche to part with their hard earned money. It is so difficult to make them and it is only right that they hold on to them or for their families. But I am very sure they too will part with their billions, like Warren Buffett, when they found their hundred billions. Singaporeans are generally very generous. Look at the amount of people donating to NKF and other charitable organisations. Many heartlanders have very big hearts. And they will empty their pockets when they find people in need. But for Warren Buffetts, we will still have to wait. Maybe if they have accumulated about 10 ten million bucks bungalows and a couple of billions in their bank accounts, then they might start thinking about it. Just wait patiently. Singaporeans will give when they have. The more they have, the more they give. Or is it the other way?


Speedwing said...

Hmmmmm....I don't think so. There will never be a Warren Buffetts from Singapore. Singaporeans are money lovers. The maxim of the rich and well-off in Singapore has always been "more is better, where can I make the next million". Ofcouse if we are talking about giving a dollar or two to charity, that is different. The ordinary folks in Singapore would willingly give to charity. We have seen that in NKF.

The rich people of Singapore are less charitable. The are what we call very maney minded and they worship no one else but the money god.

$$$$$ said...

The answer why Singapore will never have a Buffeett is aptly described by the title of one of Jack Neo's movies: Money No Enough.

redbean said...

hi $$$$$,

from your signature name, sure money not enough. : )

welcome to the blog. actually it is also half truth to say money not enough. some heartlanders find money more than enough when they know how to spend within their means.

and yes, many are trying to save and make as much as buffett. sure money not enough.

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