we welcome the best of the best

I too am worried after reading the responses to the call for more foreigners. Without teaching history, without reading politics, this country can go to the dogs without knowing it. And all because of the innocence of wanting the best, meritocracy, talents etc. If we throw away politics, we can even sell the country away to the highest bidder. What is there left when a nation does not value its people and its citizenship, but instead hold in awe the talents and superficial talents of the world as must have? It is about time to resurrect Durai as a national hero, and who's the guy who spent Asia Pacific Brewery's money and be treated like a king in all the casinos? We should recruit all the drug barons and the mafia godfathers and triad bosses. Tell them we welcome their exceptional talents and send them invitations to be our citizens. Talents of all colours and stripes are welcomed to this island of super talents.


abao said...

We seem to be losing our Nation every passing second.

redbean said...

haven't you heard the wise saying, destruction is the mother of creation?