taxi woes and passenger woes

Siew Kum Hong raised the issue that in the forthcoming review of public transport systems, the taxis are being left out? Is it because the system is working efficiently and nothing else needs to be done? Or the people on the right side think that everything is right while the people on the wrong side think that everything is wrong? And while one side thinks that many things ought to be done, the other thinks otherwise? We have heard many complains and the woes of the taxi drivers and passengers. One complaining not enough passengers and the other not enough taxis. The only people not complaining are the taxi companies. I was waiting at the roadside last sat morning, before 6am, for my golf kaki to pick me up. Were there any taxis at that hour? During that 15 minutes while I was there, with my golf bags on the roadside, there were at least 20 taxis hovering and hopping that I wave my hand. All of them were empty. They were so hungry for passengers. And can't complain that they were lazy, waking up so early in the morning to drive their cabs. What is wrong? Those who can afford it will have their own private cars. Those who don't have private cars cannot afford the taxi fares. That is the problem. Very fundamental problems. Now who is hooting that our taxi fares are cheap compare to other big cities and should actually double it so that the taxi drivers could double their income? Insanity!


Anonymous said...

Doubling taxi fares would be the surest way to kill off the taxi industry. I don't think you're that dumb so I'll assume you're being cynical again.

redbean said...


in this case i am not being cynical. i am questioning people who think our taxi fares are cheap.

you must learn to read my post carefully. i don't think it is that hard to do. you have any problem reading?

Anonymous said...

Cannot afford taxi, take BMW (Bus, MRT, Walk) lah. Complain so much.