a sunday observation at a foodcourt

A Sunday observation at a foodcourt. Mr Rich was sitting alone in a table filled with food and food and food. And he was stuffing everything into his mouth in double quick time, oblivious to the fact that everyone was watching at his greed. His face was bulging with all the food, some dripping from the corners of his mouth. And his stomach was a swell 60 inch. Probably he weighed as least 150 kg. Around the table there were many hungry faces staring at the way he stretched out his two strong arms to grab at anything in sight. The lean and hungry faces were quite a pathetic sight. Wanted to ask for a little helping but afraid to do so. And they would not dare to just walk over and help themselves. Probably Mr Rich would be telling himself that these people deserved not to have the food on their tables as they were either lazy or not very smart. They should be like him, just grab at anything that he could reach without shame. And probably he would tell these useless people to tighten their belt and drink lesser water if they could not afford it. The foodcourt was doing great business and many people appear to be eating and oblivious to what was around them. Superficially everyone was having his fill, except that some have more of the share than others.


Speedwing said...

I like this article redbean. The analogy between this "foodcourt" and "a rich nation" is striking. Mr Rich will be the well-off and the powerful, grabbing all he can and making himself fuller and richer, the lean and hungry faces will be the bottom few percent at the bottom of the social ladder and the rest of the foodcourt diners will be the rest of the population of this "rich nation", oblivious of what was around them. I wonder if your Mr Rich would throw some crumbs to those hungry faces.

I read somewhere, someone said, "do not be afraid of the future, for if you are then there will never be enough". I guess there are too many people who are afraid in this world and some are obviously too greedy and do not know what is enough.

Rowen said...


You are a gem. this analogy is a good example for many instances in which the rich are always out to grab things without consideration for others. In all captialistic countries this has been the case.
Or for that matter rich developed countries out to oppress the poor undeveloped countries.
That is why in the Bible Greed is one of the foremost sins.
However, i guess what goes around would eventually comes around.

I guess the rich man in this instance may have high blood pressure, diabetic problems and even heart diseases.

Thanks for the analogy. Love your writing.

redbean said...


thanks speed and rowen. you fellas are just too imaginative : )

i will be accused to telling half truths again.

redbean said...

if only the Mr Rich would start to stop stuffing himself and say let others have a go at it, just the leftovers will be enough to make many people happy.

i just wonder why Mr Rich does not know that after a normal good and healthy meal, the rest of the food will go to waste his body system. but alas, he can't see.

don't think he even notice the little kookoo is there. but the kookoo still does a very important function to keep him alive.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This blog never changes. Redbean still behaving like "judge, jury and executioner" by passing his "moral edicts" on people who have obviously done something to improve their condition in life — i.e. "pursue their happiness".

redbean said...

actually i may want to live like jabba, just consuming and caring for meself and the fumbling weaklings should all be chained to serve my appetite : )

it is so good to smart, rich, powerful and in control. no need anything, no need anyone. just think of self and the glorification of self.

why do you think durai was praised sky high for his ability to raise fund from the gullible public? talent devoid of feelings and morals are well regarded in certain segment of society. the high and mighty live in a different world of different values.

what humanity?

redbean said...

i am living in a world of illusion. so unreal.

Anonymous said...

You've been called naive and delusional but I think you're just a plain idealist. I just hope you don't carry that attitude around in real life. There are some very terrible crooks out there who eat that sort of people for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

Anonymous said...

Durai was part of the corrupt system. He was praised to high heavens for no reason other than to perpetuate the fallacy that you need to pay inflated salaries in order to deter corruption. Durai has proved that assertion to be fallacious. Question is are the people running the govt as corrupt or even more corrupt than Durai. Do we really have $100 billion as part of our reserves ? How do we know that $100 billion isn't sitting in the Swiss Bank account of the all-time Grandfather of Corruption himself ? And what of the people's hard earned CPF money ? Why do you think they keep raising the Minimum Sum which each passing year ? Food for thought indeed.

redbean said...

i have a lot of admiration for people who can appreciate my naivity and often delusionary posts. it requires a certain level of talent and maturity to see them.

and i will take your advice seriously and be on guard against crooks.

but can i demonstrate my naivity again by saying that if important and talented people said something or someone is excellent, we must believe also?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah piang! No shame man! Outrageous slef-praise, and setting it up such that only people who "get it" gain your "admiration".

I have a suggestion:

When Jesus H Christ returns to earth to judge the quick and the dead, you should apply for "official stone thrower" :-)

redbean said...

hahaha matilah,

hey this is my blog to talk nonsense man! i always enjoy being sane and insane at the same time, being true but untrue, praising but not praising,

it keeps everyone guessing what i am saying : )

Anonymous said...

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