the sun will rise from the east!

Today Chok Tong said tomorrow the sun will rise from the East, or something like that. What he actually said was that with globalisation, the income gap between the rich and poor will continue to widen. Anyone does not know or have not heard this statement of unquestionable and irreversible truth? Is this going to be a fact that the poor/govt must accept? Or are conditions gravitating towards the pre revolutionary days when the only way out for the poor is the destruction of the existing system, to start all over again, a revolution? An uncontrolled capitalist and free market system will move in this direction, up to a point when the division is so stark that only a confrontation of the two extremes will level the playing field. It is natural that the rich will want to be richer. And if they are some crumbs to be thrown around, some will. The other truths are greed and selfishness. Nobody will complain that they have too much money. And Chok Tong then posed the question of how to distribute the wealth of the nation to the poorer segment of the population. There is no need for supertalents to make super money using public fund and the authority of the state and state mechanism. Any idiot can do that. The real test comes when they have to uplift the less able people, a large group of people at the bottom rung of society. How to return some wealth to these less endowed and less fortunate people, the lazy and lost ones? It is time the supertalents use their talents that were paid by super salaries to tackle this enormous problems and justify their existence. An easier solution is to let this lot die naturally, or fade away, their problems contained and unseen. Unfortunately, this lot is like the lallangs. They will keep returning to be trampled. The waste lands will always be covered with lallangs unless big effort and resources are applied to keep them away. Landscaping caused money. Making the poor look less miserable needs a lot of money and attention.

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