singapore 'appalled' by iranian leader's remarks

This is on the front page of the Straits Times today in response to his remark that Israel should be eliminated and removed from the Middle East. The Singapore statement added, 'Such irresponsible and provocative statements are obviously intended only to further inflame the conflict and not address either the immediate humanitarian needs or the longer term goal of a durable solution that will address the security concerns of all parties.' Israel has been our friend for a long time. We are grateful to the Israelis for helping us in times of need. But I am equally appalled by our statement which has the same effect as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comment, only sound and fury but not helpful to resolving the conflict and the humanitarian aid that is in need. Helping a friend, to be on the side of a friend is one thing, but our comments need to be measured and not be carried away. We are not the USA or the UK. We cannot afford to court trouble to ourselves unnessarily when other bigger allies of the Israelis are keeping quiet. And I do believe the Israelis will not demand that Singapore make such a statement and compromise ourself. That will be very irresponsible of the Israelis to ask for. We shall help our friend and reciprocate their assistance but we shall not get too drunk and get hit by a equally drunk and reckless driver.


Anonymous said...

Re. the Israeli attack of the hizbollah stronghold - let's put a different scenario to this action.
Let's assume that a European country is harbouring a terrorist group and providing them with weapons to attack Israel from this European territory.
The US in turn supplies Israel with arms to counter this attack.
Would you say that the US and Israel are against the European community as a whole?
So muslim friends, please do not let a few mis-led or people with ill-intentions, mislead you into believing that the US and Israel are against the whole muslim world!
Muslim nations also, those who are protesting and burning flags and effigies of the two countries, I have faith in your intelligence that you cannot be misled into believing this is what the US and Israel are doing!? Surely you are also not with terrorists using civilians and hiding behind women and children to carry out their dirty business, causing innocent people to suffer on their behalf, and then blaming the western world for this? If your neighbour hurts your children, are you going to sit and watch? If you retaliate, are you then being a terror to the rest of the neighbourhood?!

Anonymous said...

godfrey, you are obviously very ignorant of what is happening in the middle east. you talk a whole lot of rubbish,

redbean said...

as an armchair critique, i am at liberty to take sides. sometimes for A and sometimes for B, depending on the points and issues in discussion. both parties have their reasons for what they are doing. in order to understand the current problems, one must look at the history of the causes.

may i refer you to an article posted by matilah in www.redbeanforum, under World Affairs and titled Middle East Fubar 101.

events and problems that we are seeing today are not as simple as we think. one can take the side of the Israelis/Americans and see their points of view. one can also take the side of the Palestines and Arabs and see their points of views.

redbean said...

actually singapore should just stay out of the conflict, don't try to be a smart alec and put our fingers in. it can be bitten off.

we can support our friends quietly in a way that will not drag us into a shit hole.

SingaporeansEatShit said...

Singapore is already a shit hole.

redbean said...

hi singaporeanseatshit,

that's a very long name huh. welcome to the chat.

whatever we do as a citizen or leader, we must not endanger or undermine the security and safety of our people. we should make more friends and avoid making enemies.

we cannot become a shithole for everyone to come and shit. what we have today can easily be ruined if we are not careful.

Singaporeanseatshit said...

you said "we cannot become a shithole for everyone to come and shit."

redbean, my point is that we are already become a shithole for all sorts of people who come here, shit and then leave. witness how all the foreigners who come and take our jobs, enjoy the privileges of PRship, and after they're done milking the system for what it's worth pack their bags together with fat cheques from the CPF. We became a shithole the day the floodgates to foreigners were open.

redbean said...

you got your point. that is why some people sing the song, 'this is my country, this is my home,' with so much gusto and conviction but some don't.

singaporeanseatshit said...

i realized some time ago that singapore is best treated the way the foreigners are treating it, as nothing more than a hotel. save you a lot of heartache that way.

redbean said...

ture. but only the rich and the able are in a position to treat singapore as a hotel. to them, every country is a hotel, just like mncs. go where the greatest value can be found.

a country is good, in the case of singapore, for those who is not wanted by other countries. that's what they got.

Anonymous said...

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