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should we invest in the southern johore econ zone?

The Southern Johore Economic Zone is going to take off. Now we are seeing the two trade ministers talking about cooperation and developing the concept. How about Khairy's talk of the SJEZ purpose of making Singapore begging Malaysia if it is a success? Shouldn't Singapore stay out of this project if that is the purpose? Time to talk sense and do business instead of politiking for personal interest and stirring up inter state rivalry and emotions.


Anonymous said...

Private companies will make the decision based on the merits. If it makes business sense, then the companies will go there regardless of what any politician says.

redbean said...

the problem with the present situation is that business is always undermined by politics. when politics is out of the way, you will find malaysian ministers behaving very sensibly.

but when they start to play politics, their actions and behaviour becomes bizarre. as most singapore companies, govt or private, will take the cue from the govt, it is a go or no go situation. i think many private companies will stay clear if the govt does not think it wise to invest them.

Anonymous said...

Government bureaucrats are very rarely good business people. If what you say of Singaporean companies taking the cue from the govt is right, I am not surprised so few have managed to be successful overseas.

redbean said...

oh, when i said take cue, i mean they will go along to invest in johore if govt says ok. as to whether they make or lose money, that is a separate issue.

Anonymous said...

My point was that no businessman can be successful if he has to take the cue from the govt on where he should invest. Government bureaucrats don't have the business acumen to make such decisions.

redbean said...

if you ask the bureaucrats who turned businessmen, they will definitely disagree with you. there is no reason why they can't be good businessmen.

the only difference, and this could be their weakness, is that they are managing a business with public money as opposed to private businessmen who have to manage their own money, or to lose their jobs any time they failed to perform.