Robotics is the way to go.

Robotics is the way to go. There is no need for so many foreigners to make up the 8 million. Think robotics. Many ministries and stats boards need only be manned by robots. Many of them have so perfect rules and procedures that they can run without human interferences. Even problems and questions by the public can be answered by answering machines or FAQs in the websites. By replacing them with robots, the existing manpower can be reallocated to areas where they need humans to manage. Organisations or departments where thinking humans are required, where flexibility and exceptions are needed in the daily decision making process. Among the ministries and stats boards that can be completely manned by robots will be CPF, Income Tax, PUBs, LTA, BCA, HDB etc And robots can be programmed to smile as well.


Anonymous said...

Robots don't need to be housed and fed. Hence, there won't be a multiplier effect on the economy.

Anonymous said...

But robots cannot produce babies!!

/dev/null said...

Exactly anonymous. You can always rely on good pea-brained redbean to come out with ludicrous ideas.

redbean said...

hi /dev/null,

welcome to the blog, and your exceedingly intelligent comment. you sure make a grand entrance.

i am still trying to figure out why you use this nick. dev for developing something that is null? dev a null brain? just joking. not nice to tease my guest and name calling.

lets enjoy our chats here ok? now, you working in cpf, hdb or one of the organisation that i mentioned? don't worry, you are too valuable to be replaced by a robot, unless of course you choose not to use your thinking facility.

please make yourself at home here and enjoy the company. we are just chit chatting.

robots cannot produce babies! that's true. if babies are all that matters and we need creative solutions, try rewarding any man who brings in a child from abroad and set up an organisation to take care of these children. we can have our very own universal soldiers. but on ethical grounds, better to have robots as soldiers. high mech!