myth 57

'Open door to welcome new talented citizens' I thought this was for real. But after thinking about it a little deeper, it is clear that it is a message for Singaporeans to wake up, a wake up call. For if they don't, then they must be prepared to face another few million foreigners to replace them. And this is where the myth lies. Look at it this way, without any incentives or promotions, there are already a few millions queuing to be our citizens. These are the hairdressers, the waiters and waitresses, the masseurs, the talented construction workers, the environment specialists etc. To these people, there is no incentive needed. Just open the door and say welcome, and we will have 3 millions signing up. Of course these are not the talents that we want right? Other than the special attributes that are needed for masseurs, the rest of the jobs can be done by our very own Dad's army. Ok, construction workers is another issue. And the highly talented foreign talents will see no need to be citizens of any country. They are welcome anywhere they wish to go. So thinking of attracting this group is a fallacy. What about the in between, the not so talented talents, mostly PRs? Would this group be interested in becoming citizens? Why should they when they are so happy just being PRs? There are no real benefits in becoming citizens than what they are enjoying now. And worst, they are likely to be worst off after becoming citizens. If the govt is serious, it is only expected that they will make becoming citizens so attractive that all the PRs would also want to change their status. So, is this welcoming more citizens thing a myth?

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