myth 55

'Our problem is not Singaporeans giving up citizenships. Our biggest problem is getting people to come here, to take up residence and eventually become citizens.' Wong Kan Seng Is this a myth or a statement of reality? For 41 years, we have been brewing this concoction called 'mee siam mai hum,' just kidding. We have been brewing this Singapore stew and are almost there. The people are starting to gel and singing one people one nation. Today, for some reasons, we are in a hurry to throw in more new ingredients into the stew in double quick time. Can we expect the stew to be the same? How can that be when the recipe is changed? It will take maybe another 40 years to see the result. But the immediate position is that the 41 year stew is not going to be served. It will have to start the whole process all over again, depending on how much new ingredient are thrown in and at how fast a pace. We are not afraid of Singaporeans giving up citizenships. We want to welcome more foreigners quickly by making things easier, more transparent and probably more attractive terms. Now where would all these leave the Singaporeans? The next question is whether the potential citizens will bite. They are not stupid. They too will look at how the govt treat the Singaporeans. For they too will become Singaporeans too. And if they think once they become Singaporeans, they will be treated in the same way, will they have second thoughts? Now they have the best of both worlds. Why would they want to become shit in a shit hole if becoming Singaporeans means they will be lesser off than be better off? Can there be a level playing field for Singaporeans to opt to become PR just like PRs opting to become citizens? Make it easier and just as attractive, a freedom of choice to go either way. Why is it that PRs have greater freedom and flexibility and citizens have more restrictions? Who is better off? Membership has its privileges. Or is it the other way round?


Once I was Singaporean said...

This should be a wake up call to all Singaporens still in the country. Soon, the floodgates will be opened fully and if you don't want to dronw in the ensuing flood of foreigners into our country, you better start having an escape plan. Th writing is on the wall for all born-and-bred citizens. Soon we will become an extinct species in our own backyards.

redbean said...

hi once a singaporean,

you sounded so pathetic and it is spreading to me as well.

this new policy of open arm embrace for foreigners must have been thoroughly discussed and they must have all been convinced that this is the right way to go.

come to think of it they might be right. all the old singaporeans are either lazy, untrainable, too pampered or not too talented. and are either whiners or quitters. it is time that these old blood be exchanged for new and more vibrant blood.

singapore needs a dialysis to cleanse its blood. good riddance to bad rubbish.

dunno if malaysia would want the misfit singaporeans that can't compete with the better foreigners.

Once I was Singaporean said...

It may have been a carefully though of process but that doesn't make it right. Also, right for whom ?

redbean said...

hi ex singaporean for short,

you are right to say good for who. i am also asking the same question. as a singaporean, it is our right to ask what is all these for us? are we going to be better off or worst off?

the feeling of resentment is building up despite all the main stream media singing hallelujah.