myth 54

'SMRT is doing well and should not raise fare' I was in the train this morning and something caught my attention. First the thought that SMRT is going to raise its fare after making more than $100 million in profit. Should that be enough to cover for the higher fuel cost? Lets say fuel cost will add another $50 million to its operating cost, just a guesstimate, they will still make another $50 million, ceterus paribus. Then I look around the train carriage all over again. I just felt that something was not right. The two tv screens that were supposed to bring in advertising income were dead silent. The screens were blank, black and not powered on. One big source of income not coming in. What about the billboard advertising panels? There were at least 20 of them on both the inner sides of the train carriage. What? Only one panel has an advert! The rest were empty. This means there will be a drastic fall in advertising revenue. I only hope that it was only in one train carriage. But very likely it will affect the rest of the trains. And this will also mean that many businesses are not advertising, businesses not doing well, or cannot afford to advertise. Or maybe advertising in train is not rewarding. Make your guess.

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