myth 53

'Need to protect the safety of the World Bank/IMF delegates' As a host nation offering our facilities for the World Bank/IMF Conference here, it is our duty to provide the best facilities, the most hospital and friendly environment and to look after the safety of the delegates. And when we know of public demonstrations that are being planned, we fear for their safety. We must do whatever we can to protect them. Further, we don't allow public demonstration for our people and there is no reason to make an exception for our guests. What if our guests wanted the demonstrations to take place? What if our guests are not concerned with their safety or if they don't see any threat to their safety? What if our guests encourage demonstration as that will make them do a better job? What if our guests requested that the demonstrations be allowed to take place? No, we still need to protect their safety. So no public demonstrations allowed.


redbean said...

2000 activists from jubilee south comprising farmers and trade unionists will by pass singapore and conduct their protest in batam island during the world bank/imf meeting.

now who is going to get the tourist dollars? stay in singapore hotels and demonstrate in batam or stay in batam and demonstrate in batam?

redbean said...

will there be 2000 room cancellations?