myth 51

'Police not doing anything to Law and Order problems' There are so many postings these few days complaining about the inaction or misclassification of cases involving people being beaten up on our streets and law and order problems. So far the police have been doing a fabulous job maintaining law and order and ensuring that our streets are crime free. And they are very busy, their hands are full investigating all kinds of complains from white elephants to unlawfully assembly. They also check on young children who are seen loitering the streets after 11 pm when they should be at home. What more can one ask from our men in blue? It is unfair to complain that our police are not treating public beating seriously. Just try beating someone up over a little traffic accident and see whether the police will act on it.


Anonymous said...

haha, now we know why we have low crime rates. The police just classify all crimes as civil disputes. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

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