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'Western democracy is good' Who says western democracy is good? Look at what is happening after the last GE? Sitoh is moving out and withdrawing his services to the people. The lamp posts that he put up for the benefit of the people are vandalised and no one is going to repair them. Chiam said it was not put up by him so not his business. Now if these lamp posts go into further disrepair and become an eye sore or public hazard, who is to be responsible? We cannot have this kind of democratic practices. We need a strong govt to 'just do it' and get it repair. To allow democratic processes to work will only lead to this kind of problem. Are Singaporeans mature enough to live under a democratic system where the people take responsibility and ownership of their environment?


Socaps said...

Let me put the issue in perspective that Mr. Sitoh conceived the plan to intall the solar lampposts, thinking that he would be elected the MP of Potong Pasr during the last GE; but fortunately he was rejected by the electorate. Now that some of them have been vandalised, Mr. Sitoh, the 'made believe' MP, wanted to pass the buck to Mr. Chiam See Tong.

Mr. Sitoh ought to search his conscience for his conduct. If he persists that the solar lampposts are no longer his babies, then God bless him.

redbean said...

It was reported that Sitoh leased the land and erected the lamp posts. After the erection, the lamp posts are now limp when all the excitement and stroking are gone. It is only right that the lessee make good the condition of the leased land after vacating it,

HDB owners of shops and flats are all familiar with this standard practice. Once the lease has expired, the lessee much remove all the alteration to the property and return to the HDB in its original condition.

In this case Sitoh may want to offer the lamp posts to Chiam. But Chiam would have to consider whether to pay for the lease of the land and the expensive maintenance cost.

These are simple issues that mature and responsible adults could easily resolved. And I believe Sitoh is likely to be working on a solution to his left behinds. Hand me downs are no longer popular in affluent Singapore. And I think this will apply to lamp posts as well.

We shouldn't worry too much as the parties involved will have a lot to lose if they neglected the interests of the people and allow this to become an environmental issue. It just need a little time. Every problem can be fixed.

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