the mah chiam spat

Malaysia has the Mahathir Badawi Spat. Now we have our version of the Mah Chiam Spat. It all started with the light saga in Potong Pasir. Whatever Chiam said and did seemed to be wrong and will be commented upon as not doing his job or not serving his residents. Under such accusations, Chiam had no choice but to respond and rebut to level the ground. As the comments about Chiam came out in the media, Chiam responded through the media. From lighting a street path it goes on to the opening of the mrt station. (Where is Sitoh?) The latest reply from Mah is that he would not respond in the media but would want to answer Chiam in Parliament. Debating in the media would see both talking to the press and getting printed. In the Parliament, Chiam would have to speak to 83 MPs with one on his side and 82 on the other side, plus 10 neutral elected MPs. I think the laughters of 82 Mps will easily drown whatever Chiam has to say.

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