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is this the best formula?

There are many formulae to tax and pay for the runnng of a country. The current formula that is preferred is this. 1. Collect taxes 2. Use taxes to provide services 3. Sell services to taxpayers ie privatisation 4. Profits from privatisation for what? Benefit who? 5. Services continue to make profits from taxpayers (again profit to benefit who?) 6. Taxpayers continue to pay taxes 7. Huge surpluses 8. Lower income squeeze by profit motive of services 9. Help lower income with some handouts An alternative model 1. Collect taxes 2. Use taxes to provide services 3. Operate services to benefit taxpayers at minimum profit 4. Taxpayers continue to pay taxes 5. Lower surpluses 6. Lower income not squeeze by profit making services 7. No need to give handouts to lower income(in reality this is relative) Which is a better model? Is running at a profit more important than the general welfare and well being of the people?


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean (blue)

Any profit from a privatised company should theoretically be ploughed back into the business to improve quality for the end users. Ofcourse part of it must go to the shareholders.

Unfortunately these days the shareholders' profit is more important.

redbean said...

hi speed,

the unfortunate part is that the original shareholders are not benefitting from their shares. and the profits are used to benefit a small group of managers and new shareholders.

the worst part is that the original shareholders are now being squeezed further to enrich the new shareholders and management. it was their money in the first place and that money is now used to squeeze them for more money in the name of profits.