how to make a fool of the world?

I just feel that the world is being conned everyday by the crooks in political offices. And with the hyped on terrorism, any office involved could simply jigged a covert terrorist plan or message and circulate it around as the real stuff and it would send everyone scurrying for safety. And what is safe? Look at the items that are being banned from air travel and the explanation given to them. Practically anything in one's possession can be used to smuggle in a part of an explosive device. So what else is new or cannot be a part of such concealed weapons? Today passenger can still board a plane when deprived of any belongings except his passport and a few dollars. Tommorrow, some jokers are going to reveal that explosive devices or mechanism can be hidden in the anus or in the mouth or in some parts of the human body. Then all passengers will have to be subject to some body digging before they are declared safe for travel. The world is getting safer with such checks and preventive measures.


Speedwing said...

I was caught up in the upbeat security at Changi on August 10 on my way to London. The security at Changi was a total mess. No one knew what was happening. You ask 10 airport personnel, from check-in staff to security officer, and each will tell you a different story and procedure. On the flight before us to London also, they were not allowed to take on board cabin baggages, not even handbags. Everything must be checked in with only passport and money going into transparent bags. On my flight we were allowed cabin baggages. Why the change in procedure all within an hour, we were not told. On arrival I met some passengers from the earlier flight still trying to find their lost cabin bags that were taken off them by check-in personnels. One lady in particular could not find her handbag which contained her car keys, house keys, jewelry and all the items a lady normally carry in their handbags. On top of all that she had with her a young hild who was tired and was crying his eyes out. She was literally reduced to tears.

Singapore airport is one of the best operated airport I have seen. However, when caugt off guard, the whole airport just went into a state of panic and everything seem to fall apart. I dread to think what it will be like if there was indeed a real emergency.

redbean said...

what hit the world during this 'hoax' is the suddenness of it all. and it seems that someone has dictated what should be done while the rest did not have a clue of the whys. some of the things banned were so ridiculous. at the rate it goes, in future, air passengers will only be allowed into the plane, naked.

i am referring to this episode as a 'hoax' for two reasons. there may be no such threats but a created plot to raise the alarm and fear level. the number of arrests are all suspects that have been under monitoring for years and at any time, any authority could call for their arrest on suspicion ground.

the second 'hoax' is the drama of the whole exercise and the way it was implemented. the world is now not only held hostage by the fear of terrorism. the world is also held hostage by the security intelligence organisations. all they need is to write out a plot of any wild imagination, and the world will literally jump at their cue.

is the world buying into another wmd story and go crazy as a result, going on a wild goose chase all for nothing?

with so many terrorist organisations and threats floating around, it is so easy for a hollywood director to write hundreds of plots daily to frighten the world if they wanted do. what the intelligence organisations could do is amateruist.

the world is now held at ransom by the terrorists and the anti terrorist myth govt. osama only needs to send out a tape and the world will come to a standstill. or the intelligence organisations can cook up a plot as intelligence report, so too will the world go down on its knees.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be safe than sorry. It's all fine and dandy to be cynical from the comfort of your armchair but when you're in the hotseat having to deal with this sort of threat in the course of your work, it is no laughing matter.

Anonymous said...

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