cyberspace hitman

I read a posting in the YPAP forum that there are forumers and bloggers out there whose main interest in posting is character assasination. Many bloggers and forumers have fallen victims to such vile characters. I too have one who even impersonate me, using my nick to post in my blog. Fortunately he was discovered immediately and exposed. What is more disgusting is that these people could be on a payroll. They are the latest hitmen in cyberspace. They go around harassing, provoking and tearing other bloggers and forumers to pieces when they could. Or maybe it is just my imagination that organisations would actually pay such hitmen to disrupt a blog or forum. In the days of poverty striken China, banditry, pickpockets, cheats, swindlers, joining triads were good enough professions as they feed the hungry stomachs at home. Today, with affluence, when there are hardly any hungry stomach to feed, would people stoop to such unethical professions to make a living? You be the judge.