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choose where to be beaten

when the lady complained about her doctor brother being beaten in a hawker centre, i thought it would not attract that much attention. but it seems that people are angry by the classification of the case. from past precedents, one should be street wised when threatened. quickly get into a car and create the impression that the beating is the result of a road rage. then the assailant could be jailed and cane. to be beaten anywhere else, for example in a hawker centre, well, it is a private matter and one will have to take up a civil suit. and that costs money. living in singapore it is important to know the intricacies of the law. in the doctor case, should complain that it was a case of unlawfull assembly or public demonstration. then it will be treated more seriously. and if you want to beat up somebody, make it one to one or not more than 3 to 1. and if the poor bugger cannot afford to sue you in court, then he just got a free beating from you.


Anonymous said...

Gasp, you mean this is happening to first-world Singapore ? I thought such things only happen in JB or Batam ? :)

Speedwing said...

Those hooligans who assaulted the poor doctor must have been either Malaysia or imported labourers from third world countries. Singaporeans are too nice to behave like that.

Like anonymous above I am shocked that such violence can happen in first world country Singapore.

redbean said...

from her posting it looks like a premediated attack for some other reasons than just a staring incident. and for the damage inflicted, it was vicious. more like a paid hit squad to me.

and very likely to be local boys.

Anonymous said...

well, speed if what you say about them being foreigners are true, then it does seem we're attracting the wrong kind of talent. At this rate, we will soon give cities like JB, Jakarta and Manila as the Wild Wild West of Southeast Asia. :)

Anonymous said...

Meant to say we will soon give cities like JB, Jakarta and Manila a run for their money as the Wild Wild West hub of Southeast Asia.

Anonymous said...

now a day, when some incidents happenned i would always ask is it caused by FT. Can't be helped, everywhere i goes this day i am surrounded by them.

It is amusing, our service standard, the cleanliness of our place, the poor standard of our language like english, chinese, malay, tamil all goes downhill.

How come like that one, i resign and surrender no choice lah

redbean said...

no lah, they are no that bad lah. as long as they are here only for a shortwhile, did not get too familiar and not too comfortable, and not too street smart, they will be well behaved as guest workers.

But when familiarity breaks down, as some have had bad experiences after bringing them home, they will start to climb over our heads. i rather keep a distance and make them know that they are guests here if needed to.

once law and order breaks down, they will take the cue and it will spread like wildfire.we need to build up a stronger policing force.

as foreign workers are concerned, it is best to make them know their place in our society. kindness may not necessarily be returned with kindness and they must earned it to be treated well. neither should we bully or ill treat them.

Anonymous said...

oh they know their place alright, they know that they're one rung above us locals, that the govt will kowtow to them. some of them are very bold indeed. just go to either expatsingapore or singaporeexpats site and see how blatant some of them are in making fun and degrading singaporeans. we have truly become third class citizens in our own countries.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »