China told USA to 'shut up and keep quiet.'

China told USA to 'shut up and keep quiet.' China has finally stood up and tell the number one bully to shut up. After being humiliated and bullied for several centuries by the west and the last 50 plus years by the US, China is finally ready to take on the US in verbal battle in the world stage. China's ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Sha Zukang warned the US in no uncertain terms that the US should mind its own business and should not be the devil behind the Taiwan declaration of independence move. The US fingerprints are all over in the Taiwanese plan to break away from China and China has made it very clear that it will take the US head on if Taiwan declares independence with US support. And the US has been trying to brand the Chinese as an expansionist power for expanding its defence expenditure which is US$35 billion as against US$419 billion of the Americans. Such distortion of truth by the Americans is no longer tolerable and the Chinese are not going to take that lying down any more. The Chinese are going to call a spade a spade and that the Americans are the number one trouble maker in the world will be pasted and glued onto the American face. It looks like the Chinese are going to retaliate at every political polemics that the Americans are throwing at them. The world will now hear a different truth. The most dangerous and most hated country in the world is going to be the USA. They cannot run and cannot hide. They are everywhere, from Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and East Asia, trying to establish its hegemony over the world.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with everything the Yanks are doing but I'd cast my lot with them anytime over a bunch of fucking commies. Chinese, go eat shit, which they probably do anyway. Those SOBs eat anything that crawls on the planet.

redbean said...

it is not that they are commies that you hate them. you hate them because they are chinese. there are no commies today. communism has failed miserably. the chinese are more capitalists than the americans.

with the west and anglophiles hating them so much like they hate the arabs/muslims, it will be nice to see how the chinese grill and bbq them one day.

Speedwing said...

Hi anonymous (11.52am)

You are such a racist. By what you have written you have just shown yourself as a person who cannot be taken seriously. Your comment just does not deserve an answer. Sorry you are such a bigot.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

i would like to know what the chinese have done to you that made you hate them so much. they have been very poor, very hopeless for several centuries, exploited and thrashed as the sick man of asia. they have just woken up from a bad dream. now they want to live like the prosperous west. they have just open up and joining the international community.

what could they possibly do to draw that kind of negative gut feelings from you? if they have not done anything to you or to anyone, do you think it is very unfair of you?

for centuries, many western educated asians have been fed subtlely a diet of hatred for the communist chinese and it becomes part of their instinct. and on close examination they would realise that the chinese have been so busy trying to uplift their own poverty striken lives that they don't have any time for others. do they send their soldiers everywhere to fight the people, order regime change, insist that countries live like them etc?

just think a little.

and i am not surprise even the muslims and arabs hate the chinese despite the fact that they live world's apart and the chinese soldiers have never land on their soil. how could the chinese attracted so much hatred for being poor and lived in their own close society, shut out from the rest of the world?