Captain Tay should be court martialled!

Just think of it, the money spent on the extravagant NDP show was meant for the public, but here was this individual abusing it for his private use! Imagine what would happen if someone put up a picture of Chee Soon Juan or Jeyaratnam - then all hell will surely break loose! And, talking of money, they should have used the money burnt up in fireworks and use it to postpone the price increases for taxis, bus and trains. The above and the heading was posted in soc.cul.spore by HelenaHong. This is why people said Singaporeans are too serious and cannot let their hair down. Why take this so seriously? A little spontaineity, a little waywardness, a little fun will make life less rigid and routine. Otherwise wanting to have fun or wanting to be hip must be ordered or be directed from top down. Let's don't mess up this young man's life by suggesting court martial. Let there be some free spirit among us. Let there be life and be more carefree. I think his proposal is very novel and a good touch to a happy occasion.


Speedwing said...

I suspect that Helena Hong is a little jealous that someone else is getting such a romantic gesture. I do not know her marital status, could it be a case of sour grapes?

I see no harm in showing affection. As it is, there aren't too much of that in Singapore. let you hair down a little Helena, be kind and gracious. You should congratulate this young couple instead of pouring scorn over this romantic proposal.

redbean said...

i find the gesture so fairy tale like. we need a little fairy tales to distract us from the rat race and the mundane chore of day to day living.

the national day parade is also something in their kind of mood. a mood for love. the young couple will never forget that day. and so will many who witnessed it. something pleasant to remember about.

now i am worried that some no nonsense robots will really take the young man to task and captain tay will be sweating away.

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