arm twisting singaporeans to part with their money

singaporeans are forced and harassed to cough out thousands of dollars to pay for things they did not want. stripped of their clothings, lying naked in a spa, they were made to part with their money to buy holiday plans or health products etc. it is so easy to make singaporeans part with their money. amazing, and above the law. report to the police after signing the documents? fat hope. it is a contractual agreement that is binding in a court of law. at best the victim can take out a civil suit against the offending party. what about signing under duress? then try to proof in court, and spend more money and time to do it. singaporeans are well protected by the rules of law in the country, and the legal system. there is no need to complain. just go through the due process of the law. singaporeans are so bless.


Anonymous said...

I know of many friends who were tricked into parting with their money for membership to the package that is offered by a firm called Oriental Travel. I am writing this to warn all Singaporeans to be very careful about this offer by Oriental Travel.

In October last year I accompanied a relative to a sales talk by Oriental Travel at Shaw House. They promised a very attractive package. My relative bought the package and since then has been trying to get her money back but to no avail. A report was made to the police and also refered to CASE, but the chances of getting the money back is very slim. I also have friends who were also conned into buying into the package. At CASE I have also been told they have numerous cases complaining about Oriental Travel.

None of the promises given by Oriental Travel has materialised. So, to all the Singaporeans who may be approached, take this as a warning, be very careful when dealing with Oriental Travel. They are out to get your money and they will not deliver what they have promised.

redbean said...

is this what we called csveat emptor, buyers beware? or its this cheating, coercion? is our law totally helpless to such unscrupulous hassling and intimidation of innocent citizens?

if our law cannot protect our citizens from such actions, so we need any laws?

Anonymous said...

It is purely a case of failure to deliver what is promised. It boils down to your words against theirs and the police are unwilling to act unless you have concrete evidence of fraud.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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