two picks of the hdb cherry

I just read an article in the New Paper about the plight of a divorced woman and her three grown up children. She had owned two HDB flats and sold them for a profit and now squatting in her mother's one room rental flat. She is not allowed to buy another subsidised HDB flat, which is obvious. Everyone knows about this rule. But then it was reported that she could not even buy a resale HDB flat where the element of subsidy is no longer an issue. And she cannot squat in her mother's place because she is taking advantage of the system. Her income does not qualify her for a rental flat, so cannot also squat in another rental flat belonging to her mother. Now what's the issue? There were two reasons given for why she is not allowed to buy a resale HDB flat. One is because of her previous ownership of two HDB flats. The other is that her income is not sufficient for her to buy/afford one. Now, which is the real reason? Her unsound financial position or her ownership of HDB flats? If it is the latter it is very puzzling. When buying a resale flat, there is no issue of subsidy. Why then can't a citizen buy and sell a resale flat as often as he needs to? I thought the two cherry principle applies to only subsidised flats. But if this is true, then many HDB flat owners will only be allowed to live in two HDB flats in their life time, resale or subsidised. But if it is the reason of financing, she has 3 children, and their combined income may be sufficient to buy a smaller 2 room flats. From her sales of two HDB flats and with profits, the CPF part of the proceeds must have gone back to CPF with interests. Strange that this is still not enough for a small HDB flat. Then the issue of squatting with her mother in a rental flat. And because of that she is deemed to deprive others of the privilege of a rental flat. How? I am still scratching my head. Why can't daughter and grandchildren squeezed into the mother's flat if they are prepared for the inconvenience? Fostering familial ties, living together in a 3 tier family? The biggest puzzle or problem, cannot buy HDB flat, insufficient income. Cannot stay in rental flat of mother, not registered as a tenant and income not eligible to rent another flat. With all the disqualifications, nowhere else to go. They are now allowed to squat with the mother temporarily and must vacate soon. This is the efficient application and administration of rules in Singapore. All the rules and regulations covered. Now the problem is with her. It is a private problem and not the problem of HDB. And the paper asked the question, 'Did she created her own problem?' Even if she did, so, throw her into the streets? Would anyone want to offer her a solution? How could she beat the system and get a roof over her head, and her children's head?

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